BMS Hydro is an independent, premier field services contractor providing hydro turbine - generator installation, repair, inspection, overhaul, maintenance, and upgrades for all types of hydro turbines. Whether it's a scheduled or forced outage, our team works with power plant utility owners to meet complex turnaround needs and schedules.

Turnkey Outage Services: New Installations, Repairs, Overhaul, Maintenance, Retrofits

We have developed a seamless process for turnkey outage services as well as a quick deployment of our field services team and tools. You get the highest quality hydroelectric turbine and generator services where you need us, when you need us.


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  • mounting and dismounting hydro unit
  • Installation and dismantling of embedded parts of the flow part of the unit
  • Installation of embedded units:
  • Installation and dismantling of the turbine:
  • Mounting and dismantling the generator:
  • Alignment of the unit, installation of clearances in bearings and rotating parts (impeller, generator rotor) - relative to the stators.
  • Oil and water pipelines.
  • Regulation system.
  • Connection of the main terminals of the stator, rotor.
  • Installation and connection of temperature sensors and unit protection.
  • Commissioning (checking the technical data and parameters).
  • Documentation related works during installation, repair and reconstruction of hydro turbine unit.
  • Schedule of works and technological maps.
  • Development of sling and cargo transfer schemes.
  • Complete disassembly and assembly of the unit (rotary vane, radial axial vertical, outboard, horizontal) with marking subassembly and compilation of forms before and after repair.
  • Defective parts and equipment for their subsequent replacement or restoration.
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Meet the team

Volodymyr Pyrkh dip. Construction Technician Experience in hydro energy segment since 1992. Certified hydro turbine unit installer 6 category, steel and reinforced concrete structures installer 5 category.
Mykola Voloshchuk dip. Motor Mechanic Experience in hydro energy segment since 1992. Certified specialty crane operator, installer of hydro turbine units 5 category.
Vasyl Ivanchuk dip. Construction Technician Diploma Experience in hydro energy segment since 1981. Certified specialty hydro turbine units installer 4 category, Steel and reinforced concrete constructor 6 category.
Volodymyr Kyryliuk dip. Construction Technician Experience in hydro energy segment since 2001. Certified hydro turbine unit installer 4 category.
Grygorii Nikolaienko dip. CNC machines operator Experience in hydro energy segment since 1988. Certified hydro turbine unit installer 6 category.
Mykola Varvarskyi dip. Installation Master Experience in hydro energy segment since 1981. Certified process piping installer and hydro turbine unit installer 6 category..
Vasyl Kolomiets dip. Electrician Experience in hydro energy segment since 1991. Certified electric welder 6 category.
Vyktor Sosnovchyk dip. Process Engineer Experience in hydro energy segment since 2004. Certified hydro turbine unit installer 5 category.
around the world


Members of our company were involved in such projects as:


Schedrovskaya Small Hydro Power Plant
Glybochok Small Hydro Power Plant
Chernyatka Small Hydro Power Plant
Snyatyn Small Hydro Power Plant
Konstantinov Small Hydro Power Plant
Karapets Small Hydro Power Plant
Dnister Hydro Power Plant Stage 1 and 2
Dnister Pumped Storage Power Plant
Kaven Hydro Power Plant
Zaporizya Hydro Power Plant
Kyiv Hydro Power Plant
Kyiv Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant


Centrala hidroelectrică de la Stânca-Costești,


Mingachevir Hydro Power Station,


Vartsikhe Cascade Hydroelectric Power Plants,


Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant,
Shulbinsk Hydro Power Plant,


Svetlinskaya Hydro Power Plant,


Tisza Dam 2 Hydro Power Plant,


Euphrates Dam Hydro Power Plant,


Chikapa 1 Hydro Power Plant,


Thác Bà hydroelectric plant.
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